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cooking hacks

A rotisserie chiekcn becomes shredded chicken.

In a world where grocery prices are still sky-high, one deal that you can get at just about any grocery store is a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. In some places, you can get one for as low as $4.99 and they have enough meat on ‘em to feed a small family (with some sides, of course).

The trick to getting the most out of your reasonably priced chicken is ensuring no meat is left on the bone. That’s where a TikTokker named Katie R. comes in. She recently shared an easy technique that’ll help you remove all the meat from the bone, and the video was clearly a big help; it's received over 6.8 million views.

Here’s how it’s done: Place the chicken in a plastic freezer bag while it is still warm. Then, give the chicken a good massage, rubbing the meat out of the bones. Flip the bag over a few times, keep rubbing, and the meat will be separated from the bones in a few minutes.

Now you’re ready to make shredded chicken tacos.

#debonechickenhack #rotisseriechicken


#debonechickenhack #rotisseriechicken

One important note: When you’re done, be sure to thoroughly remove any small bones trapped among the shredded chicken.

The commenters loved the video, but a few joked that they never get to the point where they need to debone the chicken because they eat it while they’re still in the store. "Wait.. we’re not eating the whole thing while we shop ?" FaKup wrote. "Wait! We’re not eating the whole thing while picking up the groceries? Cause I thought that’s what it was for… just a snacky snack," Shannon added.