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Kelly Landry judges your email sign-off.

Even if you never gave much thought to your email sign-off, Kelly Landry, it says a lot about you. In a recent viral TikTok video, the comedic writer explained why she believes they can reveal a lot about someone’s position at work and their personality.

“As a creative and not someone who is sat in an office, I don’t really do a set signature. I noticed that depending on who I was writing to or how I wanted to come across, I would sign my email differently,” she told Southwest News Service. “I found it interesting: if I want to send a business email and want to come across as professional, it can be ‘yours sincerely’ or ‘the best.'”

She critiques 5 sign-offs in her video, entitled: Which email personality are you?


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Best — "You're classy and probably in a position of authority."

Sincerely — It’s what you write when you don't know the person you're emailing. You're also probably selling something or writing a "boring a** cover letter."

Thanks — "You're chill, but you're probably a people-pleaser. Especially if you add that exclamation point."

Cheers! — "You definitely spent some time abroad and it's become your entire personality. You also want to make sure you come off light and breezy, even when your email is not."

- (dash) — "You're probably going through life in a constant state of crippling anxiety."

So, what is Landry’s favorite email sign-off?

“I love ‘with gratitude’ — they are my hippies,” she told Southwest News Service. “They are burning sage, they might go on an ayahuasca retreat next year. Not to be confused with ‘have blessing’ or 'have a blessed day,’ which is very mainstream religious.”