brooklyn nine nine

Actor Marc Evan Jackson on Twitter.

Marc Evan Jackson makes everything a delight. The comedy star from "The Good Place" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is even providing top notch entertainment on social media, all while giving us a new appreciation for both bassoons and tree-trimming. What a legend.

In addition to acting, stand-up and improv, it seems that Jackson is also a gardener. He posted on Twitter today: "I was trimming the fig and bougainvillea, and uncovered this perfectly good bassoon. (Be kind. Double reeds are not my forte, and are harder than they look.)"

Can we all just bask in the fact that this guy just said that he has "fig and bougainvillea"? His tweet has more class than I have in my entire body.

Snappy jazz starts to play in the video. And Jackson, holding a piece of tree that does look uncannily like a bassoon, starts to do an "air solo." My favorite part is the calm, cool, seriousness with which he "plays."

A few musicians gave their kudos, and some decided to chime in with a few tree bassoon pointers. One person wrote, "Pretty good! (Even though I think your embouchure probably isn't correct.) But still...impressive!"

(By the way, in case you don't know, an embouchure is "the way in which a player applies the mouth to the mouthpiece of a brass or wind instrument." I had to look it up.)

Another person gave us a gem of wisdom, saying, "Fig jazz is all about the fig notes that you *don't* play." Can fig jazz please be a thing? I'm so ready for it.

I hope Jackson is a fan of puns, cause boy did he get them in the comments.

One mom wrote, "My kid, the bassoonist who's watching b99 for the first time and helping every time he sees you, is going to lose it for this. Thank you." I would love to see this kid's reaction.

I really hope that Jackson delivers a follow-up that this was all research for a new role he'll be playing. But until then, I'll be playing this on repeat.