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What a sweet surprise.

Look, we all know that moms often pull off amazing feats to help make their kids’ dreams come true. But this story is about a mom going above and beyond in a completely unexpected way. The shock value behind her gesture alone is one for the history books, and the fact that it also involves a Whitney Houston song…well that’s just icing on the cake.

Claire Connolly walked onto the stage for “Britain’s Got Talent” as most auditioners do—nervous, excited and maybe on the verge of a heart attack.

However, unlike any other “BGT” hopeful, Connolly had no real intention of auditioning.

As soon as the 33-year-old mom from Liverpool stepped under the spotlight, she announced that it was actually her daughter Tia who would be singing that day.

No one had known this was Connolly’s plan—not even Tia.

“She’s got me through some very hard times. I feel like I owe her. So I’m giving up my audition for my daughter. This is my way of saying she’s fabulous,” Connolly said before handing over the mic.

Tia might have not anticipated singing in front of hundreds of people, but as she belted out Whitney Houston's “I Didn't Know My Own Strength,” it became pretty clear that she had been preparing her whole life for this moment.


Tia ended up getting a standing ovation and a unanimous, resounding, enthusiastic “YES!” from all four judges.

Online viewers also flooded the video with praise:

“The first note you could tell her voice was incredible.”

“Oh wow! Tia truly sang from the heart and has such a unique and powerful voice ... and she's only 15?!! Amazing!!!”

“What a voice, very unique and could definitely see her paving her own way. Her voice will only get better as the year's pass.”

“I could listen to her all day! She’s amazing.”

“Her deep tone is just so great for a 15 year old. Love it.”

“A beautiful performance, Tia's voice is so mature, no forced fancy rifts. It came from her soul. Such an unassuming young lady with a wonderful future ahead of her.”

And to think, she never would have auditioned in the first place without a little help from Mom. Tia mentioned after her song that she had faced bullying growing up, something no kid should have to endure. But thank goodness she has a mom who believes in her. Because…wow…those are God-given talents that need witnessing.

Congratulations, Tia. And kudos to Connolly for doing such a beautiful thing for her daughter. Moms are amazing.