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bedtime prayers for pizza

Toddler's bedtime prayer includes adorable demands for pizza

Toddlers can be hilarious. They're learning the world around them while simultaneously acting as if they've got it all figured out. There's nothing like arguing with a tiny version of yourself whose pants are on backwards and inside out. But even with all their sass, they're mostly filled with adorable moments.

Caroline Victoria uploaded a video to her social media page of her toddler daughter saying her bedtime prayers. The little girl is wearing a pink satin bonnet laying on the bed with a sweet grin on her face as her mom starts prayer. Since the girl is just a toddler she is only contributing one word responses for the things she's thankful for.

That tiny toddler voice only makes the answers even cuter. Caroline starts off by saying, "dear Lord, thank you for," then she pauses waiting for the little girl's response. She's off to a pretty solid start by being thankful for her brother, Brandon and her mommy but things quickly take an interesting turn.

Caroline starts her off again, "thank you for?" The response was no longer a person in the house. This baby was thankful for pizza and she didn't think her mom was taking her gratitude for the cheesy delicious meal seriously. You hear her mom laughing behind the camera before asking her again what she was thankful for.

If you thought the answer was going to change, you don't know how much she appreciates pizza. The little girl rattled off pizza at least five more times in a row to make sure her point was taken proving to be a bit too much for Caroline who can be heard squeaking with laugher in the background.

Watch her request below:

Commenters can't seem to get over how adorably hilarious the little girl is.

"She is a little comedian and a beauty," one person writes.

"Too precious!! She grateful for her Pizza.. Amen," another says.

"She didn't add you in the prayer ma'am.She said her brother, me , and pizza.She didn't say "mummy." Go get your prayers somewhere else," someone jokes.

"I'm with her Pizza is definitely something to be thankful for all the time," another person declares.

Let's all hope mom answers this little girl's prayers and order some pizza. It's clear that pizza is a top priority for her and until she has it her little brain will not be able to move on to pray for other things.