Will An Adorable Toddler Finally Guilt Us Into Dropping Our Bottle Habit?

This may be the only rap music video that features a toddler nearly brawling with a girl’s soccer team. Share it to spread some delight and help shift our habits. I know what I'll be singing to the next friend I see drinking a bottle of Poland Spring.

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Lil' Nico: Bottles are for babies.

Mr. Eco: Did you know, if you drink from a single-use plastic water bottle, you are a baby. And you are a victim of one of the biggest marketing scams ever created by corporate America. Let me tell you more.

One breezy afternoon I was at the park With Lil' Nico chilling, swinging, 'fore it got dark. There was a youth team playing some soccer. You could really tell that they needed some water. Team Mom pulled up in a minivan (swear)
We could not believe what was in her hands. (swear)
So many bottles, must have been a thirty pack Nico was so mad, I had to hold him back. (hold up, hold up)
Uh, excuse me, ma'am, I know a thing about H2O (yeah)
I'm a low-key environmental superhero (yeah)
I'll get reuseables, please return those to the store. She said, Shall I call the cops? What?

Bottles are for babies. And I think it's crazy You must be cray -- waste money away Drink every day, like, ay, bay-bay.

Bottles are for babies And I think it's crazy You must be cray -- waste money away Drink every day, like, ay, bay-bay. Bottles are for --

I was up in the gym, working on my fitness (one, two, one, two)
Nico's my witness, Zumba straight business Had to take a break, refill from the tap Bumped into a scrawny dude, as I backed away To my dismay, he was refilling plastic (what?)
I said, "That's tragic." He said, "You're drastic."
Well, where's gonna go, not to recycle, 80% don't, you probably won't dispose of it properly.

We stopped by my Pop's outfit to take him some food ('sup?)
When I saw there caused me to straight lose my cool (grr)
His intern was swigging back plastic, then threw it in the trash can You serious?
Take that bottle right there, fill it 20%
That's the amount of oil used to create it Then it got shipped to the store You paid thousands more Than the cost of tap If you don't trust that Get a Brita and a bit a common sense Fill a reuseable whenever your days commence Do something. You all know this is wrong If you see someone with bottled water, sing this song.

Bottles are for babies.
(They're for babies, yo)
And I think it's crazy
(It's loco, loco)
You must be cray -- waste money away Drink every day, like, eh, bay-bay.

Bottles are for babies (be an eco-hero, use a reuseable water bottle)
And I think it's crazy You must be cray (you're cray) -- waste money away (away)
Drink every day ('vry day), like, eh, bay-bay.

Bottles are for -- deuces.

Lil' Nico: Deuces.

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This Mr. Eco music video and others are available on his website. You can invite his superhero self to join your school for an assembly or classroom visit, too!

Apr 01, 2014

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