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Jamilah Lemieux: My name is Jamilah Lemieux I'm a writer and a news and lifestyle editor for ``'' and this Neima Freedom [SP]. I think that black motherhood is beautiful and important and unique in a lot of ways good and bad. And it's important for people to see in its truest form. I think negativity is a really overused word, but I feel that a lot of the stories about black motherhood are kind of just [seeds] in some sort of inherent deficiency.

I think it's really important that the narrative around black motherhood is changed. We are the most important figures in a black community, but we are also the most maligned. You know, whether a child has two parents, a married parent, single parent. When something goes wrong it just seems like the mother is always blamed. You know, they're talking about statistics, or what we don't have or what we won't have. And I think to just simply look at black mothers and their children and to talk about how beautiful they are. And how cool their stories are is something that I've never seen before. Because there tends to be only one narrative that we find acceptable and that's the Clair Huxtable story and that's just simply not how all of us live and mother.

I thought very cool that you were inclusive of career women. Single mothers, people who've been with their husband for many years. Anytime you can see positive images of black motherhood I think it's a great thing. I just think that what you're doing is putting together this very multifaceted, multihued collage of what black motherhood and black mommy life looks like. And I've just never seen it looking like that before. I think it's incredible.

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