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A real life look into what it looks like to party in your 30s

Something happens at some unknown point in your 30s where partying no longer looks the same as it did when you were in your early 20s. There's no real warning. In fact, sometimes it happens mid-party. You're having a good time dancing, taking a Jägerbomb, then you slowly feel the youthful excitement drift from your body.

You realize you have a big meeting Monday you have to prepare for and you'd rather hear your cat's best motorcycle impression than spend one more second being bumped into by sweaty people in the club. And just like that, a different partying expectation is formed. One where you know that dropping it low may mean that you can't get back up.

Where sensible shoes take priority and you're not going if there aren't comfortable chairs, a reasonable end time and music at an acceptable decibel level. Malena Tudi, perfectly captured what it's like to party in your 30s, it's instantly clear that bumping and grinding with strangers isn't on the list.

In the video uploaded to TIkTok where it got over 18.3 million views and 2.6 million likes, a group of people gathered close but not too close watch as someone squirts mustard on the floor while house music blasts. The room is lit to look like it's some sort of nightclub, but everyone is wearing sweatpants and other comfortable clothes. When the man is finishes squeezing the condiment on the floor, another man pulls out a Tineco mop-vac. The party goers, including the one holding the vacuum drop their jaws in shock as the device cleans the area with no streaks or left over residue.

The room was collectively shook at what they just witnessed. A vacuum that mops and vacuums at the same time efficiently, they thought their eyes were deceiving them. But it was in fact reality. Commenters agreed that the mop-vac is amazing and shared stories of their own experiences of parties in their 30s.

"The last party I was at we all spent approx 45 min discussing a crockpot someone brought dip in, I bought one from Amazon while still at the party," one person writes along with including a weary face emoji.

"I have the superfecta, Tineco, Dyson, Crockpot and airfrier [sic]. my 30s be Wilding," someone says.

"I look forward to my weekends so I can hit my pen and walk around Ikea for hours," another person writes.

Clearly, partying in your 30s is a whole different vibe that involves a lot less dancing and a lot more showing off new appliances. Now watch these guys party like rock stars with their $300 mop-vac so you can know which one to impress your friends with at your next party.

Check out the video below:


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