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stolen target basket

Woman can't figure out how she accidentally stole Target basket

Forgetting something is part of the human experience. At some point in everyone's life they've forgotten something at least once, sometimes it's something big but most people forget things that can be quickly rectified. One woman has gone viral after not realizing that she forgot to leave the Target basket at the store after shopping.

The TikTok account, Chris and Erin uploaded a video recently of Erin leaning over a Target basket on her kitchen counter. She looked exhausted and slightly annoyed with her husband repeatedly asking her if she forgot something. The woman had a travel pillow wrapped around her neck as she looked through the basket trying to figure out what Chris could possibly be going on about.

Chris doesn't let up. He chuckles and asks, "Okay, so you have no idea what you have done?" Erin simply looks back through the basket confused before commenting on getting herself the fancier neck pillow. It's as if the basket does not exist.

Does the basket exist? Does Erin have a reusable Target shopping bag that looks exactly like the red baskets in the store? It was clear that she was not picking up on her husband's hints so he very clearly explains they have to go back to the store because she brought the basket home. That's when the realization hits as her mind registers the clearly marked basket on the counter causing an expletive to slip. Commenters had questions, including the official Target account who chimed in on the mishap.

"I knew I was missing something," Target jokes.

"Are we even sure she paid for the stuff," one person asks.

"How often do you hold a Target basket for it to feel natural for it to be in your home," someone questions.

"Either she was trying to reduce plastic bag use or she needs a week or two of a beach vacation," a commenter notes.

Chris and Erin were quick to respond that a vacation was indeed needed. Hopefully Erin gets that beach vacation and not a vacation that involves a view from behind bars for accidentally lifting a Target basket while shopping.

Watch the video below:


Judge Away We’ve All Done It Right? #fyp #basket