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Great video shows guys having intense reactions to how overpriced women's essential items are

"I wouldn't be let back in the house if I went out and spent that much money on a haircut."

Men amusingly react to the price of items women use.

Debates around the societal differences between men and women are likely as old as humanity. There will always be a shift in expectations and personal needs, but some things never get old, like men discovering just how expensive it can be to be born with female reproductive organs. Or to simply exist as a woman in America, specifically.

So for everyone's viewing pleasure, the folks at the React YouTube channel gathered up a handful of average guys and asked them to guess what certain traditionally female items were used for, how they are used and how much they cost. The results were a mix between impressive and amusing.

React started off fairly easy by giving the men a box of tampons and asking what they were for. We are going to hope that most guys who reach adulthood have some general idea of what a box of Tampax is for, and these guys were off to a strong start.

Of course, the host of the show didn't stop there. She hit the guys (and likely the women watching) with invisible pearl-clutching math on how much money women spend on average over their lifetime. $18,000. Yes, people who use tampons as their feminine hygiene product of choice spend about $18,000 on something that's just going to go in the trash...or going to make some plumber a lot of money. Can you claim tampons on your taxes? Totally asking for a friend.

The guys were shocked, and one pointed out they could use that money to buy a motorcycle. As the guys moved through different menstruation products, they became more confused about the proper way to use them. But to be fair, there are plenty of people who have periods who don't know how to use every feminine hygiene product on the market.

True confusion and flabbergast came when the guys watched a video of a girl explaining how much she spent on a haircut and color. While some of the men guessed in the hundreds, some guessed as low as $35, so when the girl revealed her haircut costs upwards of $450, audible gasps were taken.

"That's a year of haircuts for me," one guy said.

"I wouldn't be let back in the house if I went out and spent that much money on a haircut," another participant declared.

The guys moved on to other items like bras, shapewear and skin care products with confusion and shock growing with each revelation. Watch the entire video below and tell us how you did in the comments.