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peppa pig


Grandpa finds Peppa Pig toys in his luggage and makes adorable documentary of their adventure

The toys were packed by his granddaughter, so he decided to give her something extra special.


Best. Grandpa. Ever.

Even with an internet teeming with wholesome stories of grandparents doing adorable things, this one really takes the cake.

One grandpa decided to get a little creative when he discovered a set of Peppa Pig toys sneakily hidden away in his luggage by his granddaughter by documenting the entire vacation from their point of view.

A video capturing him in the act has now gone viral, with people absolutely invested in the impromptu Peppa Pig adventure.

Tanya Marie, the man’s daughter, posted the video to TikTok, explaining, “My niece took her favorite toys and packed them into my dad’s luggage.”

“He has been making this story of all their adventures for her, and he’s gonna play it for her when he gets back,” she says as grandpa makes the figures go for a quick dip in the pool.

“Don’t go too far off in the middle!” he warns the toys.

After a little sunbathing, the Peppa Pig family accompanies grandpa to a little fine dining. “We’re going to have a fancy meal here,” he says to them as he films. “We better be on best behavior! Don’t drink too much!”

Cut to another dinner, where grandpa shares how he “can’t wait to go down to the beach with them, bring them out there, bring a little napkin, lay them down.” Clearly, he is having so, so much fun doing this.


Best grandpa award goes to you dad🥹🫶🏾 #storytime #familyvacation #peppapig #familytrip #grandparents

As everyone bids adieu to the Airbnb in the final clip, grandpa places the toys on a small stone wall to give them one last shot. A natural cinematographer, he starts his camera phone close before yelling, “Pan out!” to get a wider view.

“Pan out?! I’m dying,” his daughter quips. In her video's caption, she also wrote, "Best grandpa award goes to you dad."

The video has racked up over 11 million views and has people gushing about how freaking adorable, sweet, heartwarming [insert every single positive adjective here] this grandpa was for creating his little passion project.

“Priceless. This could choke anyone up,” one person wrote.

Even the official Peppa Pig TikTok account called him “the most oinktastic grandpa.”

So many people expressed interest in seeing the final product that Marie posted a follow-up video saying that not only would it be shared, but that she was inspired to create an epic Peppa Pig-themed viewing party for her niece, buying “all the pig gear” that she could find to heighten the surprise.

If you wanna tune in on all the epic wholesomeness, you can follow Tanya Marie here.