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People just found out you can buy Olive Garden cheese graters and minds are blown

"Olive Garden won't be prepared for the influx of people asking to buy cheese graters now."

People just found out you can buy Olive Garden cheese graters

There are some things that you simply consider experiences that happen outside of the house.

Going to Olive Garden and having the server grate cheese over your soup, salad or food until you say, "when" is one of them. Most of us Olive Garden patrons watch the cheese grater intently while we internally debate if we should tell the server to stop or stay silent revealing how much cheese we actually prefer on our food.

Do they sell cheese graters at any chain retail store in America? Yes, yes they do. But it's not the Olive Garden cheese grater that transports you into the restaurant staring at cheese fall like snow onto your endless soup and salad. So imagine people's surprise when they found out that they too could purchase the infamous cheese grater straight from the restaurant.

TikTok creator, Jordan stitched a girl who revealed that while eating at the chain Italian restaurant, she asked if she could buy the cheese grater. To her surprise and Jordan's surprise, they said yes, so Jordan wanted to try his luck.

"I heard this information. I woke up at six in the morning, I haven't even seen my family, yet. I need to see if this is true. I'm so excited, I'm the first one here," Jordan says.

Well, since the restaurant specializes in lunch and dinner, it's not surprising that he's the first one in line for a cheese grater that people likely didn't know was sold. What do you know, the guy walks out with a brand new Olive Garden cheese grater and a whole tub of cheese.

The manager gave him a tub of that fancy Romano cheese that they shred on anything and everything you could ever want cheese on. Commenters were mostly entertained about this new information, while others, who worked at the restaurant were not so thrilled.

"Olive Garden won't be prepared for the influx of people asking to buy cheese graters now," one person jokes.

"I now want to find the most ridiculous thing at Olive Garden and ask if they'll sell it to me," another says.

"GIRL MATH - $30 cheese grater minus $100 free cheese means I have $70 to spend on something else," one woman reasons.

"As an Olive Garden current server, the amount of times I've ben asked TODAY if we sell cheese graters is insane," someone says.

"Former Olive Garden employee - everything there [h]as a price. One of my managers sold a painting off the wall once," one commenter reveals.

Turns out if you want something from Olive Garden that's not on the menu, like a cheese grater, painting...an entire booth, all you have to do is ask. Some one with a manager name tag will make sure you're a fully satisfied customer with your brand new-only been used 75,000 times wooden chair. Now, that's what you call exceptional customer service.

You can watch the entire video below:


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