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Compilation of Mr. Rogers' lesser-known shining moments is a masterclass in human kindness

Take 10 minutes to let Fred Rogers' wholesome goodness wash over you (but maybe grab a tissue first).

Fred Rogers was an example for us all.

History has many heroes, but few human beings have left a direct mark on children's lives like Fred Rogers did. In a time when television had become a staple in American households, prompting fears over its potentially pernicious influence, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood shone like a beacon of wholesome delight.

Fred Rogers' conviction that educational television could make a positive difference in the lives of children has been proven true again and again. Countless people have shared how Mr. Rogers' messages of love and compassion and self-worth influenced them during their formative years, and for many, his presence provided a calm and stability that were missing in their own households.

The emotional and societal topics Mr. Rogers tackled are vast and varied, and it seems there are always more gems of goodness to uncover in the archives. Eric Stanley of "Stay Inspired" shared a compilation of clips from Fred Rogers' life that exemplify his warm, genuine kindness, some of which are unfamiliar even to ardent fans of the show.

The video includes so many examples of what made Fred Rogers so special, from his ability to talk to anyone to his selfless and humble Lifetime Achievement Award speech to how he responded when he felt he'd been too harsh with one of his grandsons. (That story is so beautiful—can you even imagine Mr. Rogers being harsh?) He also shared a conversation with children about a stuffed animal's ear coming off in the washer that exemplified how much better he understood children than most adults do.

"Mr. Rogers was one of those people who impacted multiple generations—young, old—so many people were inspired by Mr. Rogers," said Stanley in the video. "His messages transcend race, gender, how much money you make—it doesn't matter. Everyone was inspired by Mr. Rogers."

Watch and enjoy these prime examples of Fred Rogers' humility and humanity courtesy of Eric Stanley on Facebook: