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magic tricks


Dad and kid demonstrate a simple-yet-impressive illusion to wow your friends and family

Get the timing right on this magic trick and a kid will “appear” out of nowhere.

Anyone can do this trick with a little practice.

Magic tricks and illusions never fail to fascinate us, even in the age of the internet when the secrets how many of them work are available to anyone with reasonably good Googling skills. But even when we know how a trick works, it's still delightful to witness a flawless execution that allows our minds to sit in that sweet suspension of disbelief for a bit.

There are still some tricks that true masters of illusion have managed to keep completely secret, but you don't have to get that complex to wow your friends and family. In fact, with just some cardboard and gift wrap and a little practice to get the timing down, you can make a child seemingly appear out of nowhere.

In a split-screen video shared by @MindBlownMagicIllusion on YouTube, a dad and child demonstrate what the audience sees during the trick and what's happening behind the scenes to create the illusion at the same time.

In the audience view, the man opens a door on a gift-wrapped box, revealing nothing inside of it. Then he walks around the back and opens the back door, showing that no one is behind it, either. He walks through the opening, then back around the whole thing, closing both doors. Then he walks around to the back of the box, opens the front door, and voila! There's a kid inside!

Watch the "Front View" on the bottom of the screen first to see what the audience sees, then rewatch again focusing on the "Back View." It's quite simple, but the effect is impressive nonetheless.

It wouldn't take much work to build a box like this and could be a fun little party trick at friend and family gatherings. And it doesn't need to be Christmas-themed, either. The kid just needs to be old enough to know the cues and move in such a way that people won't see them, but it's not terribly complicated.

People in the comments loved the family fun as much as they did the magic. There's just something about seeing a dad and kid doing something like this together, taking the time to get it down and enjoying the heck out of the whole process, that is surprisingly touching.

"This is the most wholesome family moment I have ever seen I love this a dad and son having fun is so precious," wrote one person.

"This is the wholesome content I need in my life. Thanks for sharing," wrote another.

"That is truly one of the best dads in the world. You can tell with the look on the child's face that he was having an awesome time," wrote another.

"Just imagining the planning and preparation for this moment gives me so much joy. You know they loved it the whole way through," shared another.

Here's to awesome dads, willing kids and the joy and wonder of magic. Follow @MindBlowingMagicIllusions on YouTube or visit mindblownmagic.com for more free magic trick and sleight-of-hand tips.