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Wallace the Uber driver gives riders a one-of-a-kind experience.

When you hop into an Uber, it can feel like a crapshoot. You never know if you're going to get a chatty driver or a quiet one, a car that smells like brand new leather or one doused in vanilla air freshener, a ride that's smooth and easy or one that makes you grip the door handle.

But when you enter Wallace the Uber driver's car, you get an experience unlike any other.

On the back of the passenger side seat, riders are greeted with a touchscreen that has a series of trivia questions and game elements that help them get to know Wallace a little better. Passengers get to guess how many rides the cheerful driver has provided and what his family looks like. They even get to fix Wallace's injured leg with either gauze or what appears to be duct tape, which is hilarious.

A video shared to X (formerly known as Twitter) by Alan Wagner shows what it's like to take a ride with Wallace, and it looks like a hoot.


The video was also shared on Reddit, where viewers praised Wallace's ingenuity and humor.

"Wallace is giving his passengers something to do besides bother him while he's driving. Wallace is a genius," wrote one commenter.

"They are also games that humanize Wallace (He has a family! He is injured!) so you form a bond with him and tip him more 😊," wrote another.

"I love how he stands up with a broken leg just to tell you how bad you did," shared one person.

"The sheer disappointment radiating from that man allows him to overcome his injury and express his displeasure," shared another.

The big red "NO" followed by the dramatic bow is so simple but so funny. But the video's best part is Wallace exclaiming, "I love driving my car!"

Whether Wallace provides this game so riders get to know him better or so he doesn't have to make as much conversation remains a mystery, but in the brief bit we get to see him talk, Wallace doesn't seem like a guy who hates to chat.

Here's to Wallace and everyone who loves their job, going the extra mile to give the people they serve the best experience possible.