Orlando news anchor shares great response after trolls attacked his daughters over prom dresses

'I have always told my girls that I have their back and I think I've proven that.'

News anchor puts haters straight.

Picture it, 1984 in some poorly lit gym complete with hopefully nonspiked punch and teenagers dancing awkwardly in the shortest homecoming dresses the '80s could produce. Now, take that image and apply it to whatever decade you'd like, all the way up to today. No one would be shocked that teenagers going to homecoming would dress like teenagers, but when a proud dad posted pictures of his daughters dolled up in their party dresses, he was flooded with negative comments.

Orlando's News 6 anchor Matt Austin did what many parents did in October and shared a picture of himself with his kids, who were heading out for homecoming. The girls, Addison, 17, and Olivia, 14, both donned different versions of the short homecoming style dress most American teenage girls wore to their own school's dance.

But for some reason, instead of receiving an influx of supportive and kind comments, the news anchor received harsh criticism over his children's clothes.

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