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Pop Culture

College dance team goes viral for 'badass' synchronized moves to Aerosmith

Twenty-four people had to move in perfect unison to nail this amazing routine.


Dream on and dream big.

You know what they say…go big or go home.

Well, the University of Minnesota Dance Team, aka The Gophers, certainly made no plans of going home during their epic dance routine at the UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships in Orlando, Florida (otherwise known as “The Dance Super Bowl”) last weekend.

The Gophers absolutely wowed audiences with a perfectly synchronized performance to Aeromsith’s “Dream On” that quickly racked up millions of views on social media, not to mention a few headlines.

Inspired by a routine to the same song made by the champions in 2004, the 24-person team executed bold, impressive turns and spins all in perfect unison. A two-minute video of their flawless choreography got overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

“This is badass,” Governor Tim Walz wrote on X while another commenter on Youtube marveled, “Not one person was off in this entire dance. Goosebumps!!”
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Another viewer echoed, “I’ve never in my life seen a group this large perform such beautiful and perfectly synchronized turns. I didn’t think it was possible.”

Many were shocked to learn that the Gophers actually got 2nd place behind Ohio State in that category. They did, however, score first place for their pom routine. Plus some major viral clout for their ingenuity.

"I have honestly never been so proud of [the] team," longtime head coach, Amanda Gaines told local station KARE11, sharing gratitude that their routine garnered more awareness and respect for the sport.

"They are doing this because they are passionate about dance and Minnesota," Gaines said. "The more people can support these athletes, the better for everyone."

Assistant coach Tia Tumbleson, who helped choreograph the performance, seconded Gaines’ sentiment, applauding her team for doing “this creative and innovative thing that people have never heard of.”

“Dancers and non-dancers, [know] how hard that is. The love we’ve gotten from everybody, I can hardly speak on it. It’s just been incredible,” she told local news station KSTP.

Watch below, and be amazed.