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Paige Worthy


I Respect These Female Heroes So Much More With Tiny Waists And Sparkly Dresses! LOL J/K.

There's a place for princesses, and there's a place for real, seriously ass-kicking women who are standing up to the world's problems. Example: The thing about Malala as a princess? She didn't get locked in a tall tower or eat a poison apple — the Taliban shot her in the head. She doesn't need a gown or a tiara to create her place in history, and we need to be teaching that to little girls.Still not sure what the artist is doing here? Scroll all the way down for a great quote about it straight from him.


Turns Out You Can Use Twitter For Something Other Than Cat Memes And Instagram Selfies

All that time-sucking technology we have now? It can actually help do some good for the country — if you know how to harness it. Bitching about America's downward spiral over your TV dinner is so 2008.


Oh, So In Scotland They Actually DON'T Promote Rape Culture?

I wish we could turn back time and show this to the Steubenville football team. If ads like this were a thing in America, maybe peer pressure could work out in everyone's favor for once.


I Wish I'd Seen This At 3 Years Old Instead Of 30. I'd Be A Better Person Today.

Democrat? Republican? WHATEVER. When your uncle starts grilling you about politics at Thanksgiving, quote this to him word for word… then help yourself to more potatoes.