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Philosopher explains the fundamental ways in which men and women fall in love differently

He says we view the idea of change in entirely different ways.

Juan de Medeiros explains the differences in male and female attraction.

Juan de Medeiros, a popular TikTokker who shares his thoughts on philosophy and relationships, recently released a video discussing the fundamental difference in male and female attraction.

“Men fall in love with women because they're attracted to them. Women fall in love with men because they see their potential,” de Medeiros postulates in a video with over 1.5 million views.

Obviously, de Medeiros is only referring to heterosexual relationships and is making a pretty broad generalization about the sexes. But he’s not alone in his assessment. His thoughts have been echoed throughout history.

“Clearly, as a man you can value a woman beyond her appearance and as a woman, you can be interested in a guy's good looks,” de Medeiros continues. “Einstein is supposed to have said men fall in love with a woman because they hope she will never change. Whereas women fall in love with. A man, because they hope he will.”


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Unfortunately, if de Medeiros and Einstein are correct, then men and women are in for some disappointment as they age. The man may not live up to his potential, and a woman’s beauty will change over time. If this were the case for all relationships, we’d all be doomed to failure or resentment.

The good news is that de Medeiros is only talking about what initially attracts us to one another. In most healthy relationships, couples change together, find new reasons to love one another and develop greater respect beyond looks or their likelihood of success.