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recess therapy

They're SOUR!

In 2022, kiddo interview series Recess Therapy introduced us to Corn Kid, whose wholesome love of his favorite vegetable took the world by storm. His internet fame led to a viral song on TikTok and even a brand sponsorship for crying out loud.

But it’s 2023 now, and there’s a new veggie kid in town. And her name is Pickle Girl.

From her ecstatic squeals to adorable crunching sounds, Pickle Girl's interview with host Julian Shapiro-Barnum is just too freakin’ cute. But really, it’s her unbridled zest for life itself that will make you wanna watch the video over and over again. Nothing sour about this child, no matter how many pickles she’s allegedly eaten.

Though many were noticing the similarities between Corn Kid and Pickle Girl (and obviously asking for a future collaboration between the two), there’s one thing that makes her personality stand alone. For you see, even though Pickle Girl “LOVES PICKLES,” she eats everything, from broccoli to corn to squash. No bugs though. Nice try, Julian.

And in case you were wondering, when Pickle Girl eats a pickle, she thinks about when she was a wittle baby—yes, wittle—and how she would cry and cry and cry. If only her parents had known her tears could have been easily avoided with her favorite snack.

Trust me, words aren’t going to do it justice. Watch below:

It’s giving the half-eaten pickle to dad then immediately calling for donut that really does it for me.

Kids can become so passionate over the simplest of things. It’s a skill that we grumpy adults really have to coax out and work to maintain. However, watching how the pros do it is a great way to start, because that joy is truly contagious. Thank you, Pickle Girl for taking something so salty and somehow making it the sweetest thing ever. Bless you.