poker face

You can learn a lot by alayzing faces.

There are countless situations in life where we have to figure out how someone really feels, but they have a good poker face that keeps their feelings well-hidden. According to body language expert Terry Vaughan even the most deceptive people in the world have a tell: the left and right sides of their face don’t usually match.

So, which side do we believe? Vaughan says the left.

“The reason this is a powerful hack is because the left side of the face is more likely to reveal the ‘true emotion’ or the ‘dominant’ emotion if there’s a mix,” Vaughan says. The reason? “The right hemisphere of our brain does more heavy lifting in dealing with processing emotions. The left hemisphere…is a little more analytical or ‘strategic.’”

If someone is trying to be deceptive and “present” a dishonest emotion, their true feelings or “dominant emotions” will be noticeable on the left side of their face. When you’re talking to a salesman and you don’t really know how they feel about the used car they're selling, pay attention to the incongruity between both sides of their face.


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“Focus all of your visual attention on the left side of the individual’s face rather than the whole thing or the right,” Vaughan instructed.

The body language hack is a big hit on TikTok with over 10 million plays.

"OMG I've always covered one eye on people's pictures to see the real them! My family thought i was crazy! Now I know I was right in doing so," LT wrote in the comments. "I love this... but imagine this scenario, carrying a cardboard to the next coffee date, pulling it out and halfing their face to check," Maria_me joked.