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This horse knows how to rock.

There are rocking horses, and there are horses who ROCK. And Pretty Runaway, the racehorse-slash-headbanging-heavy metal-fan from Ontario, is definitely the latter.

Pretty has been going viral for her love of bands like Rob Zombie, Motörhead, Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, Rammstein and Drowning Pool—as indicated by her vigorous head bobs anytime her caretaker, Autumn Purdy, starts to play one of their songs.

As for her favorite band…that honor might belong to Shinedown.

Just take a look at what happens when Purdy turns on the speaker and the music begins to play. There’s no denying it, Pretty is groovin’.

@emilyautumnmoto @Shinedown is 1000/10 @Lauri Norris we have your horse 🤘🏻🐴 #rockhorse ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

“She goes hard,” one viewer wrote on TikTok.

“Someone bring that horse to a Shinedown concert,” another added.

A third wrote,, "now that's a rocking horse!"

Horses might bob their heads up and down for a variety of reasons. According to Strathorn Farms’ website, it could have a negative connotation, such as head bobbing to alleviate pain. But it can also indicate excitement and enthusiasm. As Purdy suggests, it’s good to take the individual horse personality into the equation when making an assessment.

It wasn’t long before Pretty’s viral fame made her the star of several news segments, where Purdy shared that music is often a part of morning chores at the stables. And one day Purdy noticed the horse showed a definite preference for rock. The harder and heavier, the better.

“She will literally head bang to the music. She’s on beat nearly every time,” Purdy tells CBC news.

Pretty soon, fans and bands alike began requesting that Pretty “review” songs, which Purdy jokes is the “most reputable way of reviewing music.” Couldn’t agree more.

Purdy says she’s tried other genres, like country. But Pretty always responds by turning and giving her butt.

@emilyautumnmoto Replying to @Alex Hooft inside for our routine vaccines (the abuse i know 🙄) Sorry @morganwallen , @Pantera ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

Funny enough, Pretty might be an outlier among her species on this one. A study performed by researchers at Hartpury College in England found that horses preferred the calmer sounds of classical and country more than they did rock and jazz.

Overall, the jury is still out on just how horses perceive music. While a few studies have been done to determine whether or not horses could pick up a beat, there isn’t enough to reach a full scientific verdict. Still, those who deal with horses seem to have no trouble believing that their equine companions do understand rhythm. And just looking at Pretty, it sure seems real enough.

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