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Pop Culture

A very pregnant Jessie J invited all her pregnant fans to the front row and fed them snacks

"I used to be a fan of her now I am a whole air conditioner 😍😍😍."

Jessie J bonded with her pregnant fans at a concert in the spring of 2023.

If you've ever been pregnant, you know that after a certain point, nothing is comfortable. Growing an entire human being inside your own body is no small feat, and between the weight of your belly, your hormones haphazardly ricocheting all over the place, the ravenous hunger that comes out of nowhere and a host of WFT-I-didn't-know-this-could-happen-with-pregnancy surprises, it's a lot.

So going to a concert pregnant is a big commitment, which singer Jessie J understands because she herself was seven months pregnant when she gave a live concert. A viral video shared by @mafaldamcruz on TikTok shows the pop star sitting on a stool on stage during a concert in the spring of 2023. She was chatting with the audience when she spotted a fellow pregnant woman in the crowd.

"You're pregnant, too?" she asked the audience member. "Do you want to sit down?"

She asked how far along the concertgoer was, and while we can't hear the answer, they must've been pretty far long because Jessie J responded, "Oh, sh_t. Come sit here," while pointing to an area in front of the stage.

She then spotted another pregnant audience member.

"You're pregnant as well? You want to come up?" she asked. As she had the pregnant fans come to the front to sit, guiding them around the security barrier, she started chatting about what it's like to be pregnant before spotting yet another baby belly.

"Isn't it wild? Isn't it the weirdest, most amazing, creepiest, beautiful—you look really pregnant as well," she interjected while pointing to someone in the crowd. "We're like f-cking Teletubbies, that's right…we need one more. Where's Po? she joked.

Then the performer offered them all snacks—"Seriously, do you want like an apple or a banana or something?"—and even handed some snack bars out herself.

Watch the endearing moment:


this was the funniest thing EVER. I can’t, she’s absolutely hilarious #fyp #jessiej

People loved seeing this very real interaction between the "Price Tag" singer and her fellow preggo fans.

"I used to be a fan of her now I am a whole air conditioner 😍😍😍," wrote @taniagonese on Instagram.

"OK, but I love this. Women loving women. Supporting each other. My heart. ❤️" wrote @run_rhea_run.

"THIS is the type of show I would pay big money to see - women supporting women and being totally real and honest 🥹" shared @melissa.sews.

"I once heard a comedian on a panel show refer to her as 'The Lovely Jessie J.' Never knew much about her, but now I see she has definitely earned that distinction. ❤️" shared @waynetbaker.

Jessie J had her baby, Sky Safir Cornish Colman, on May 12. Behold the cuteness:

Here's to women supporting women, and here's to all who bear the weird, amazing, creepy and beautiful burden of perpetuating the human race. You deserve all the seats and all the snacks you desire.