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Kelce brothers show what it means to be a good sport after facing off in Super Bowl

"It’s better in some ways because you’re watching a loved one accomplish their dreams.”

New Heights TikTok screenshots

The Kelce brothers competed in the Super Bowl on opposing teams.

In case you missed it, there was a big game at Rihanna's concert on February 12. It was a historic game all around, but one history-making element was that it was the first Super Bowl where brothers played against each other.

Jason and Travis Kelce are NFL players for two different teams; Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Jason won the 2018 Super Bowl with the Eagles, but in the 2023 sibling Super Bowl match-up, Travis took home the ring.

There was bound to be some rivalry between the two leading up to and during the game, but who are we kidding? They're siblings, so the Super Bowl likely wasn't their first run-in with rivalry. In fact, Travis, the younger Kelce, revealed on their podcast "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce" that he was pretty jealous of his older brother's accomplishments growing up.

"You had just been AP, music man, getting hit up by Ivy League schools. 'I'm going to go walk on and be a freaking superhero.' Oh, you are. And then you get a scholarship and you made mom and dad's life that much easier. Then you get drafted. Then you win a Super Bowl. It was just like, Travis (makes noise with his mouth)," the younger Kelce said in a clip shared to TikTok.

Pretty sure most siblings have been in Travis's shoes. It seems like most families have one child that just knocks it out of the park no matter what they try to do, and the other siblings are left feeling a bit like they're standing in the shadows. But Jason wanted to make sure Travis knew the immense emotion he felt watching him win the Super Bowl.

"It’s better in some ways because you’re watching a loved one accomplish their dreams," Jason told his brother.

The conversation was such a great display of sportsmanship and brotherly love that you can't help but to smile throughout the whole video.

Check out the clip below:


“It’s better in some ways because you’re watching a loved one accomplish their dreams” The Kelces spoke about what it meant to watch their brother win the Super Bowl ❤️