husband makes hibachi

Husband surprises pregnant wife with hibachi reenactment

Eating hibachi at a Japanese restaurant is an experience. The hibachi chef wheels out his cart, cleans off the cooking space and the next thing you know there are flames shooting two feet in the air from an onion volcano. Spatulas go flying, eggs spin on end and with each squirt of oil the flame dances wildly while the heat warms your face.

It's truly a show of skill and entertainment that you simply don't get with other dinning experiences, so it's no wonder people enjoy it. But when you add in pregnancy cravings, it takes that enjoyment to a whole new level and this woman's husband got the memo. The couple, Dan and Sam uploaded a video to their TIkTok channel where it has gone viral with over 1.5 million likes.

In the video, Sam, who is pregnant is laying in the bed craving hibachi when her husband comes to beckon her into the kitchen.

Dan then wheels in a little black cart full of seasonings while wearing a black robe and tall white chef's hat with cooking utensils holstered on his waist. When your pregnant wife is craving hibachi, you become a hibachi chef complete with a griddle and your best flying spatula tricks.

At one point his reenactment was so accurate that he flipped a hot carrot off the griddle and into his paper hat before being quickly reminded that the carrot was scalding. People in the comments couldn't get enough of how sweet his accurate performance was.

"That's so sweet of him. I love how he got all the hibachi restaurant staples down pat," one person writes.

"This is my favorite video I've seen in a long time, give that man some love bc 10/10 for talent, humor, and it looks delicious hello," another says.

"He's a keeper. Cooks, cleans and can flip food into his hat!! Yep, a keeper," a commenter gushes.


But why is all of this so accurate 🤣🤣 #couplehumor #couplecontent #couplecomedy

That performance does take talent and the fact that he even made a heart out of the rice just makes it that much more special. Hopefully homemade hibachi will become a family staple after baby comes.