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Lead singer of 'Disturbed' comforts upset child at concert

Most people remember their first concert. Mine was TLC and Boyz 2 Men, and no, I'm not talking about their comeback tour. It was the 90s and I almost broke my leg trying to climb over folding seats in the pouring rain trying to get under the venue's awning. Pretty sure we only had lawn seats and were probably breaking some sort of law climbing to better seats.

Either way, going to a concert can be an exhilarating experience but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Everything's loud. The music. The people. Everything. When you're a child, not yet old enough to head off to a concert with friends, it can be even more overstimulating than it is for adults.

One little girl found herself feeling a bit upset while attending a concert with her parents for the heavy metal band "Disturbed." But it was what happened when the lead singer noticed the frightened girl that's melting hearts across the internet.

The lead singer, David Draiman, could've just continued the show, not giving the upset child a second thought. Instead he went to comfort her across the barricade, speaking directly to her through the microphone he was still holding.

"I'm very proud of you. You're awesome," Draiman says before reassuring the girl. "It's okay, baby, it's ok. I didn't mean to scare you."

With every calm affirming sentence the crowd cheers. Draiman then stands on what appears to be a step on the barricade and addresses the audience.

"I love that Disturbed concerts have become a family affair. I love it," the singer says. "And this little girl has been singing her heart out the entire show. She knows so many of the songs."

Judging by the comments, the band is known for being kind.

"And they're not kidding. Every single disturbed show we've been to made us tear up. They're the best band I've seen live. Love them," one fan writes.

"I was there. It was my first time seeing Disturbed in concert but it was definitely the most accepting and uplifting concert I've ever been to," another person says.

"As a long time Disturbed fan this is unsurprising but wonderful in equal measure. They have always held such wonderful inclusive values," someone writes.

What a beautifully kind moment caught on video showing everyone that kindness goes a long way. Watch the sweet interaction below.


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