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A map of the United States post land-ice melt.

Land ice: We got a lot of it.

Considering the two largest ice sheets on earth — the one on Antarctica and the one on Greenland — extend more than 6 million square miles combined ... yeah, we're talkin' a lot of ice.

But what if it was all just ... gone? Not like gone gone, but melted?

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Photo from Pixabay

The aurora borealis at night in the Arctic.

Sierra Club

Professor Jørgen Berge always thought animals, like people, preferred to spend their winters dormant.

Berge is a marine biologist and zoologist at the Arctic University of Norway and the University Centre in Svalbard, which means he's used to those long, dark winters where the sun literally does not rise for anywhere from 23 to 176 days.

This phenomenon is known as a "polar night," which means that no part of the sun's disc is visible on the horizon, and it occurs everywhere above the 67° latitude line, including parts of Alaska, the Yukon, the Denmark Strait, and parts of Greenland and Russia.

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We all want the world to be better and what better place to start than at home? Enter: Wildgrid, an all-female team providing education and empowering women to “electrify” their homes.

Why women? Women make 91% of ALL decisions in their households. And that’s no small thing when it comes to sustainability – 20% of all carbon emissions are from our homes! Electricity, gas-burning stoves, furnaces, hot water heaters, and many more – all of these everyday appliances make a big difference in how eco-friendly our homes are.

So what is the fastest way to make major reductions in household carbon emissions? Educating and empowering women!

Creating a more energy-efficient home – called electrification – is a process that can often feel confusing and overwhelming, particularly to folks who are often marginalized in male-dominant spaces.

“In spaces with men where this kind of topic is being covered, I find myself feeling [overwhelmed]... I found it really great that it was for women,” said one Wildgrid user who took Wildgrid’s women-only education course, Voltage Vixens.

Wildgrid’s online tool is simple, intuitive, and requires no previous background in sustainability to understand. To calculate all the rebates you qualify for, visit WildgridHome.com.

Image from Jill Pelto, used with permission.

Artist Jill Pelto says more than you think in her paintings.

Jill Pelto's world is made up a rich blues, ochres, and a sky that looks like something out of an old mariner's chart.

But when you start to look closer, little details start to pop out. You notice a number here or there. Or a series of points marching down the top of a glacier. Or ... is that an x-axis?

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