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British toddler develops American accent watching Ms. Rachel.

In the not-so-distant past, there was a phenomenon of American children speaking in British accents thanks to a cute little cartoon about a family of pigs. Peppa Pig and her jokes at Daddy Pig's expense had American toddlers sounding like they were on holiday from England. And now, America is returning the favor (muahahaha).

Turns out the accent-changing mystery is now happening in the other direction, thanks to Ms. Rachel, every little kid's favorite content creator. A mom took to TikTok to reveal how her newly talkative toddler sounds strangely American despite being born and raised in the United Kingdom.

Kelly Convey lives in London with her two children, one of whom is 21-month-old Bea, who traded in her British accent for one that sounds much less fancy. (Fancy if you live in America, but I suppose if you live in the U.K., it's not fancy at all.)

Convey uploaded a video of Bea saying words like "ears," "more," and "zebra." But instead of the more soft-sounding letters that her mom uses, Bea uses harder consonants and longer vowels like Ms. Rachel. Rachel Accurso is the star of the popular YouTube channel, "Songs for Littles" where she not only teaches children the pronunciation of words but sings songs about a variety of topics.

Accurso started "Songs for Littles" after she realized how difficult it was to find appropriate programs to help her own child who had developmental delays. The show took off and the mom and former teacher has become a viral sensation teaching children how to speak all over the globe.


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American Parents in the comments of Convey's video joked about how this was payback for American kids developing British accents.

"Peppa Pig got Uno reversed by Miss Rachel," one person wrote.

"This is payback for Peppa Pig," another commenter said.

"Payback for Peppa Pig and Bluey giving them British and Australian accents," one person joked.

"Well you just got Peppa Pig'd," someone said.

Even Ms. Rachel chimed in on the comments saying, "I'm sorry," complete with a crying laughing emoji and a blushing one with three hearts around its face.

The YouTube star also recorded herself watching Convey's video of Bea's new accent.

"I’m sorry, Kelly! 🥴 Flashing back to when I thought a little girl’s parents were British because of her accent. They were American. It was Peppa!," Accurso wrote in a comment under her own video.

Bea even got to see herself next to Ms. Rachel when her mom showed her the video Accurso uploaded.

Who knew part of raising children in today's world would mean deciphering what accent they're speaking in during any given week. Whether it's Bluey giving kids an Australian accent, Peppa Pig and the Octonauts giving children a British accent or Ms. Rachel giving kids an American accent, it proves children are quick studies.

You can watch Ms. Rachel's video below.


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