This story really is incredible; it shows the amazing bond that humans can have with animals of all kinds.

Stuart Dahlquist has long been a bird enthusiast, but even he was shocked by the actions of a family of crows that he’s been feeding for several years.

This is what Dahlquist posted on Twitter.

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Women, does a “library of sighs” sound like something you developed by the time you turn 35? If so, then writer Anne Thériault totally feels your pain.

Thériault took to Twitter with a list of traits she believes women should have by the age of 35 and it inspired some great responses.

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There are a lot of things we look back on and cringe. There are gross inhumane injustices such as slavery and war. But there's also some pretty disgusting, unhealthy things that were routine just a few years ago, such as people smoking in restaurants.

Even though we like to think we’re so advanced and enlightened, in 50 years, future generations will look at our behavior and they’ll think we were seriously backwards.

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