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thembelina the squirrel

Squirrel terrified of tiny frog refuses to leave mom's bed

Apparently frogs are mortal enemies of squirrels. Well, at least for a squirrel named Thumbelina that's true. The squirrel is a rescue that cannot be released into the wild due to her medical conditions so she's a house squirrel. A house squirrel that has big beef with a teeny tiny frog outside...far away from where Thumbelina sits.

Distance doesn't seem to matter to the bushy tailed girl, she knows he exists and that is simply unacceptable to her so she tells her mom. Or mom has super squirrel mind reading powers because Thumbelina was nearly too shocked to speak...squeak. She stood there frozen on her human's bed staring straight ahead like she was in some sort of trance.

It was when her mom got close to her that she tried to communicate the unthinkable–she spotted a frog. Her arch nemesis from the other day was back to torment her with his presence near her house where she's supposed to be safe.

"Honey, you saw the frog again? I know but what did we talk about, how the frog doesn't eat squirrels" the woman reassures Thumbelina. "No, he doesn't eat squirrels, he's a tiny frog."

It didn't seem to matter what her mom said, Thumbelina was having none of it. She wanted that monster gone and never to be seen from again. The nervous squirrel continued her pitiful sounding squeaks as if she was telling her mom that she wasn't listening. Again, the woman tries to convince Thumbelina that the frog is the size of a blueberry and cannot get into their house to eat her. There was no use, she was sure she knew the plans of the itty bitty frog.

Watch the adorable video below: