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target bookshelf hack

Viral bookshelf hack is creating luxury closets on a budget

Peak adulthood is being envious of rich people's closets. There's usually some sort of full length couch in them or a luxurious chaise lounge, a wall of shoes and some sort of automated rack that spins to help you pick out a tie. They are amazing and the non-rich people typically have some wire racks in a small walk-in with no where to put shoes, bags or anything else that doesn't hang.

But people have been finding a way to revamp their normal closets to look like they were custom built and it's for a price tag that will make your budget happy. The Target bookshelf hack has been going viral on TikTok for several months as new people discover the trend and post their own before and after videos.

Users on the social media app are buying the tall $40 Room Essentials bookshelves from Target and turning them into custom closet builds.

Yes, people are using bookshelves to make custom closets and the results are beyond what the average person expects from a DIY project. The best thing about this trend is that just about anyone with walk-in closet space can do it. You don't have to be a homeowner or even live in a house to have a custom closet because the units are just bookshelves that can be easily moved.

In one video, the couple had wire racks that were installed when they built their home. The racks seemed to be unable to hold their clothes as they would come crashing down unexpectedly. It took about $380 and several hours to completely revamp their whole closet. On video shows a young single mom redoing the closet in her apartment to make it more functional.

Each video uploaded shows a new configuration. Who knew you could do so much with some bookshelves from Target. Following the hashtag #bookshelfcloset on TikTok will have you feeling like you could host your own HGTV renovation series. Remind yourself, they're just bookshelves. You're not really Joana Gaines.


Tik tok made me do it! Ran to target after seeing @honestlydejaa closet video. 🤩😍. Thanks for the inspo! #targetbookshelf #diyclosetmakeover #closettour #organizedhome #bookshelfcloset #closetinspo #walkincloset #tiktokmademebuyit #targetdiy #closetorganization