stray cat

Man builds tiny house for stray cat, suddenly has small village

Tiny houses are still a popular choice for people trying to downsize but tiny houses for cats are springing up in one man's backyard. Barna, thought he was doing a good deed for a stray cat that decided that he kinda liked hanging out in this human's backyard. The cat would show up but at first wouldn't eat the food set out for him, that didn't stop Barna.

The man continued to set food out for the cat. Taking note of the changing weather, Barna decided to take one of his hobbies and build the cat, now named Domino a cozy little house. Building things is a hobby for the man, so he made sure to equip Domino's tiny abode with a heating pad, light and camera.

Before too long the situation turned into a version of the famous children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Another cat showed up, because of course Domino had a bestie but it didn't stop there.

Barna built a tiny two story condo for the two cats to hang out in while still keeping Domino's original tiny house. The backyard looks like it was made to host furry tenants in a makeshift cat community because more cats indeed showed up. Now the tuxedo cat has several neighbors to hang out with and thanks to Barna, none of the cats look like they're missing any meals.

"We have about four or five cats who will go in and sleep in the houses," Barna tells The Dodo. "One night one of the biggest storms of the year hit, I saw that two kittens actually took shelter in the house. That was one of the sweetest things ever."

Barna has cameras set up inside and outside of the itty bitty kitty community so he can keep an eye on his feline neighbors. The cats' landlord expresses that he feels gratification seeing his little houses be used by furry tenants. Having a group of cats around probably isn't too terrible for keeping pests away either so it's a win for all involved.