If you want to see a dang impressive step performance, settle in and watch these Maryland high schoolers slay on the gymnasium floor.

Stepping is an art form with African roots, a tradition among black sororities and fraternities, and a global phenomenon with growing multicultural participation. With complex clap sequences, precise body percussion, and synchronized stomps, stepping excites audiences with its powerful energy.

In short, it's really fun to watch—especially when it's done well. And Dem Raider Boyz Step Squad from Eleanor Roosevelt High school in Greenbelt, Maryland definitely does it very, very well. Like, holy cow.

The young men in the troupe wear black slacks, white button-up shirts, and bowties, and the sharpness of their dress highlights the sharpness of their moves. The routine, choreographed for Black History Month, alternates between active stepping and a dialogue about a black history project. Finally the boys celebrate stepping as a representation of black history, and it is just pure joy to watch.

Watch the whole thing here: