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There are many types of condoms.

This article originally appeared on 01.30.15

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This is just one of those occasional products that comes along that's so awesome we can't not spread the word!

Here is a look at a condom that suggests it’s changing the culture and PACKAGING... around condoms.

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Single packaged condoms.


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Some confusion?


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Taking responsibility.



Actually, it's even worse than 1 in 4 contracting an STD. The American Sexual Health Association estimates that more than half of all Americans will have an STD/STI at some point in their lifetime!

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The lovable condom.


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Not liking the smell.


UPDATE: We're working on getting some updated language from the entrepreneurs about the way fair labor and sustainability practices are used in the making of these. We'll update again when we hear back, but for now, we definitely know that Lovability manufactures these with an eye toward making these friendly to workers and the environment both.