sassy little girl viral response to parents

Give this girl a part in a movie.

One little girl is delivering some Grade-A cuteness to the internet. With just a dash of diabolical.

The now-viral TikTok video opens with little Maddy (what an innocent name right?) being told “you’re gonna change the world someday.”

Her response? “No I won’t. I’m evil.”

Whoa! Dad wasn’t expecting that! So much for a heartfelt moment.

But Maddy is fully committed to her role now. She squints her eyes and gives a sinister gaze into the camera as she exclaims, “I'll make everybody witches and bats and vampires!”

Oh, and she’s also going to make us all sassy, just like her. [insert head wobble with lots of 'tude here]

And then, poof! Evil Maddy is gone. She giggles, and says, “I’m kidding. I would never do that.”

(Seriously, I don’t know what to believe here. That performance was just too good.)

Her mother was quick to come to her defense in the caption: “Maddy doesn’t have a mean bone in her body! Sass…yes!! Mean..No!!”

People in the comments weren’t so convinced.


Maddy’s know she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body!! Sass…yes!! Mean…No!! 😆😆

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One person wrote, “She 100% said she was kidding in case anyone decided to foil her plans to do EXACTLY as she said.”

Another person added, “She realizes she said too much.”

Someone posed a different theory in the Reddit comments, suggesting that perhaps Maddy had an impromptu change of heart.

“She decided at the last moment that with her great power comes great responsibility.”

Whether or not she’s truly evil might still be up for debate, but Maddy’s adorable video has been a force for good, giving us all a good laugh.