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packers fan gift simone biles

Packers fan give Simone Biles amazing gift on the sidelines

Simone Biles may be a world class, record breaking gymnast with multiple gymnastic moves named after her. She's also married to Jonathan Owens, a safety for the Green Bay Packers and since tying the knot, Biles has made her fair share of appearances at the games. The gold medalist is typically decked out in Green Bay gear cheering from the sidelines.

It's a treat for fans of Biles who also happen to be Packers fans to see her at the game. But at a recent game, one fan dressed in a frozen cheese costume complete with icicles made a gift for Biles. A goat hat. Not just any goat hat, one that looks to be carved from foam wearing a purple shirt with the Olympic rings on the arm.

"You're the greatest of all time (GOAT). I had to make you something, okay? You are the GOAT. This is for you," the fan says.

Biles thanks the frozen cheese fan several times before putting the hat on her head but the man wasn't done. He had another hat for her husband, presumably one of the players the fans came to see.

"We can't let your husband out of the picture," the guy tells Biles before pulling out a hat made to look like Owens. It had everything, the helmet, the jersey, even his name on the back. Biles was equally thrilled to see the second hat, proudly taking pictures with both the hats and the frozen cheese man that gifted them to her. Fans were amazed when the sweet video was posted to social media by CBS Sports HQ.

"That's So Cool! His Costume Has Got to Be one of The Best I have Ever Seen For Football," one person writes.

"That's awesome. This is the first time I'm jealous of the Packers. She's such an inspiration and I wish she was on our sidelines!! You go girl," another says.

"Omg those are so cute she is so sweet," someone else gushes.

Those hats are amazing and with as excited as she was it wouldn't be surprising if she showed up wearing them to a game one day. That would probably make the fan's day. See the entire interaction below: