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CBS Mornings|YouTube

Woman makes life-changing friend on Nextdoor after cancer diagnosis

Sometimes in life you need a little help. Going through any major life event can be scary but to have to go through it mostly alone can be downright terrifying. April Goodman found herself in that very situation over a year ago. Goodman was diagnosed with uterine cancer and would need assistance getting to and from her appointments for chemotherapy and radiation.

But Goodman didn't have anyone she could call on for help, which left her reliant on attempting to seek assistance through the app Nextdoor. This app is often used for neighborly things like informing people of accidents, recommendations, and sometimes help with smaller things like food or lawn equipment. It essentially brings neighbors together in one spot to allow them to communicate and look out for one another.

Goodman needed more than to borrow someone's weed whacker, she needed a trustworthy friend to get her to and from appointments. She had no choice but to take a chance and ask a group of strangers to help her during an extremely vulnerable time in her life. Lyn Story answered the call without hesitation.

Story saw Goodman's plea and immediately offered to get the woman to and from her appointments. Goodman tells CBS Mornings that at first she ignored the generous offer, "someone spoke up and said, 'I'll take you to your appointments' and I kind of ignored it cause it was a stranger. What do you do? So she messaged me again and said, 'I'll take you. I mean it, I'm honest. I'm sincere.'"

That started a life-changing friendship between the two. Story has taken Goodman to over 25 appointments so far. She's seen her graduate from chemotherapy before starting her radiation. But it turns out Story didn't stop with answering Goodman's call on the Nextdoor app. Another neighbor who is legally blind was forced out of retirement and needed rides to work, that's where Story once again lended her help.

If no one else is doing it, Story is restoring people's faith in humanity, one neighbor at a time. Watch the entire inspiring interview below.