husband portrait of wife

Husband's portrait of wife is so bad that she nearly stops breathing

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if what your eyes behold is objectively...not good? In what appears to be a creative way to spend quality time together for a married couple, things go hilariously wrong. Ted Slaughter, uploaded a video to his TikTok page of an activity he and his wife did together.

Slaughter's wife seems to be holding the phone so you can clearly see what appears to be a painting of Slaughter, who is sitting at the other end of the table in front of an easel. The text overlay on the video says, "husband and wife paint portraits of each other (gone wrong). But what could possibly be wrong, sure his wife's attempt isn't art gallery ready just yet but it's not bad.

Based on the critiques the man had of his wife's painting, surely his looks much closer to professional level work. Right?...Right?

Slaughter starts off strong after viewing his wife's artwork, "that's awesome," then come the minor critiques. "I mean, I'm a little elfish around the eyes," to which his wife laughs, "I know you are not critiquing this right now."

After a few giggles between the two, it was time for the big reveal. The impromptu art critic turns his painting around to reveal his work of art to his unprepared wife and it's...something. It's so much of something that his wife nearly stops breathing. You hear her off camera take in a breath to laugh but nothing comes out for what seems like a good 60 seconds before the sound of her laughter catches up. Commenters also had some thoughts.

"He said Elflish then showed you a gremlin lol," one person writes.

"One portrait is of Picasso. The other portrait is of Beetlejuice,: someone else says.

"I was wheezing with you. You paint a majestic elf and he gives you an orc," another laughs.

The portrait is something words cannot describe. You must see it for yourself below:


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