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hero dog

Dog runs to doggy daycare for help after car accident

Dogs really do love their people. They're not only excited to see them after a long day at work or a short trip to the mailbox, they also worry about their humans if they're sick or hurting. One pit bull mix, Ares, possibly named after the Greek God of war and courage, showed incredible bravery and intelligence after she and her mom were in a car accident.

Ares and her mom, Melissa Fickle were driving with the windows down while they were on their way to the park. It was then that Fickle got into a car accident at an intersection causing Ares to bolt through the window and run off. The jolted woman thought the dog ran off into a neighborhood and worried she wouldn't see the sweet girl again, but Ares knew just where to go for help.

Instead of roaming the streets scared, the black pibble ran a full mile to get to the doggy daycare she visits often, demanding someone notice her.

In the security camera footage, you see Ares repeatedly jump at the door like she's trying to knock. Eventually the owner at Hounds Town Metro Detroit notices the dog and comes out to check on her. When he didn't see Fickle with Ares, the owner of the daycare called Ares's mom, much to her relief. Since she was dealing with the aftermath of the accident, she could now rest assured that her brave pup was safe.

"Luckily, then he called me and said, 'she's here' and I literally sank to the ground," Fickle tells WXYZ-TV Detroit.

That sweet dog knew exactly where to get help. Thankfully the accident wasn't a major one and the duo are back together. Ares is even brave enough to get back into the car for more trips to the park and daycare.

You can watch the video below: