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cat photobombs engagement

Cat adorably photobombs engagement video

Engagements are such a beautiful thing. A lot of planning goes into popping the big question, from picking out the perfect ring to setting the mood in a unique location. Some people even take the time to find a photographer to capture the moment their love says "yes."

It's such a fun memory to look back on for the betrothed couple, especially when the other party Is unsuspecting so true emotion is captured. But sometimes things go wrong on the photographer or videographer's end...like having a nosey cat. One woman found herself in this very predicament and the gaffe was shared by Good Morning America. Annie Polley's sister was getting engaged in her back yard so she was on camera duty to film the moment.

It was beautiful. The guy drops to his knee and pulls out what one can imagine is a gorgeous ring as the woman looks surprised and overcome with emotions.

Just as the excited woman starts to give her answer, a cat pops directly into the frame in front of the camera curiously looking at his mom. The woman and man kiss just as the cat's head moves. Surely the cat just wanted to know what the heck his human was doing smiling out the window while holding a phone in her hand.

The engagement video is certainly one for the wedding reception so everyone can have a laugh at the cat's head popping into frame. He's cute, that's for sure and maybe he just wanted his mom to remember that instead of focusing on whatever was going on outside. What's even more fitting is the cat's name is Loki...the god of mischief.

You can watch the hilarious video below: