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Wyatt Closs


A Journalist Went Near Mount Rushmore To Take Some Photos. What He Found Changed His Life Forever.

A few years ago, Aaron Huey journeyed to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to photograph members of the Oglala Lakota Nation. The disarming stories of deceit, heartbreak, and violence he heard there changed his life forever. I know this is a long one, folks, but I guarantee you'll be hooked by his transformation at 4:38, the breathtaking mural at 6:03, and the devastating words of a 17-year-old at 10:36.


Would You Lie To Save The Earth? These Guys Did, Thank Goodness.

We get so much misinformation from big business it's not even funny. For BP, AIG, Goldman Sachs and more, it's like they're all in on some private joke. Well, see who's laughing in this stunt pulled off a few years ago to benefit the serious matter of climate change. The chuckling starts after the master plan is unveiled at 1:12 before a hilarious interruption takes it to the next level at 3:10.


What Is It To Be Free? If You Had To Make His Heartbreaking Choices, You'd Still Be Asking.

You know, it's no small act of courage to come out of the closet anywhere. And for this man, doing so has meant experiencing pride, love, hate, and violence. I don't know if I could have had the strength to do what he did at 0:46 or what he was forced to do at 2:47. After you watch, please share. Let's not let this brave confession and journey be in vain.


How Did It Not Dawn On The Police That This Woman Was The Victim Of A Hate Crime? Really??

This is the tragic story of a mother continuing to pursue the truth about who murdered her child. I want her to find answers, not only to ease her mind, but to shine a light on the gross ignorance displayed by the police involved in such a horrific case and by the community in which such a crime was allowed to happen. The chilling voice message at 2:55 is one of the reasons why.

There is a Kickstarter campaign raising funds to complete and promote this film. Contribute if you think this story needs to be heard far and wide, which I hope you do.