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She's Made Mistakes, But The Choice She Just Made Couldn't Be More Right

I spent the first minute of this video with my mouth open in shock. Cynthia Gallardo is so young, but her ability to deal with the trauma in her life with so much strength is really moving.

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No Matter How Hard Your Kids Have It, They've Got It Easier Than These Kids

It's so moving to see how much he cares. It radiates when he talks.

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She Belongs Just Where She Is. And I'm Excited To See Where She's Going, Too.

Could you imagine having to get through all of your classes with the stresses this girl has? Especially when you consider her family.

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It's Dangerous For Her To Get To School, But She's Doing It For Her Future

It takes extreme devotion to do what she has to do every morning just so she can learn.

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