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Some troublemaker named Conor got a little tough love this year for Valentine's Day.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means parents will be sifting and sorting through piles of cutesy cards. Most will probably contain the standard fare—a sweet cartoon character, some candy, a nice message.

But then again, kids do say the darndest things, and you never know when that candidness will pop up to deliver some grade-A comedy.

For a woman named Nisarah, it happened when her daughter decided to create handmade cards for her classmates. Let’s just say…one stood out among the rest.

Most of her handwritten cards were short and sweet, looking like this:

“Luca…stay cool.”

“Oliver…you’re smart.”

“Victoria…you’re a good girl.”

…But then came Conor, who received a very different message.

“Conor…DO BETTER.”

Nisarah could barely contain her laugh as she read her daughter’s blunt and brutal Valentine.

“These weren’t Valentine’s Day cards, they were performance reviews. We got a future girl boss here 🤗” one viewer wrote.

While most people had a burning curiosity as to what Conor must have done to warrant such admonishment, some had no trouble believing he must be getting some just desserts.

“Conor must be… the class disruptor & baby girl is tired of it 😂😂😂😂” one person quipped.”

Another added, “This might be the advice that changes Connor’s lil life around 😂.”

And perhaps Conor’s everywhere could use the advice, as one wrote, “Honestly as a Connor, I agree I do need to do better. Ty."

Given that Nisarah, aka “Dudette with a Sign” regularly posts content with her own cheeky handwritten messages, it feels safe to say that her daughter comes by it naturally.

Regardless, we’d all love a status report in a few weeks to confirm whether or not Conor did, in fact, do better.