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tiktok behind the scenes

Influencer's relatable behind the scene transition is hilarious

Most people have seen those fancy transition videos on social media. The person starts off either in a bath robe or oversized lounge wear while music plays, suddenly their hand waves in front of the camera and poof, they're a bombshell. It's often so flawless that it looks like there was some sort of magic involved.

But there's no magic and in most cases, there's not even a trick of the camera. These are just people determined to make the most flawless transition as possible and one influencer is pulling off the veil on what actually goes into these trends. Courtney Michelle Dlugos posted a behind the scenes recently and it hilariously captures what is actually happening on the other side of the camera.

Dlugos starts off in a bathrobe and towel lip syncing to the music playing before closing the bathroom door and immediately reopening it to stop the camera. Then she's seen brushing her teeth, cleaning her ears and burning herself with the curling iron.

There are several instances where she's uncomfortably close to the camera and shouting while looking for things. After reappearing fully dressed she finishes the transition making it appear that she never missed a beat. Commenters are praising her realness and also demanding to see the finished product.

"Do you know how many 'before' transitions I have saved in my drafts," someone laughs.

"When the towel on the back of your door moves and ruins the entire clip anyway...," another commenter writes.

"i love these - a) yes it [sic] hella funny, very accurate, b) there's a real destigmatization that's happening at the same time. A+ comedy," someone else shares.

Who knew so much work went into doing those trending transitions? They look like a lot of fun but the magic that happens behind the camera may have some folks just enjoying the show while they sit in their sweats scrolling TikTok. See how it all takes shape below.


If the phone moves your life might as well be over #fyp