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Video of sisters trying to fix a DIY haircut perfectly captures the chaos of sisterhood

“This is THE sisters experience…you captured the whole thing."


Sisterhood in a nutshell

Ask any group of sisters what it was like growing up with each other, and they will undoubtedly use the word chaos. Girlhood in itself is a bit of a delightfully feral time. Add yet another wild child (or more) into the mix, and you never know what’s going to happen.

But there’s also a beautiful loyalty. Sure, sisters can turn from friends to enemies on a dime, but in those purer moments, you’ll see them stop at nothing to help one another.

And it’s all these aspects, and everywhere in between, that were captured in a hilarious TikTok as three sisters banded together to fix a DIY haircut gone wrong…the day before school picture day, no less.

Let us set the stage. Eldest sister, Valentina, 15, was minding her own business, filming a GURWM (GEt Un-Ready With Me), when she is suddenly interrupted by her 9-year-old sister Khaleesi asking for the scissors.

Ever the responsible eldest, Valentina tells Khaleeis to be careful before handing them over and resuming her skincare regimen.

Not three seconds later, there’s a blood-curdling scream, as the youngest sister, Camelia, comes rushing in.

"Khaleesi cut my hair!" shouts Camelia. "Tomorrow is picture day!"

"You wanted it, bro!" Khaleesi shouts back.

The girls then hear mom ask what’s happening. Valentina takes charge and tells her little sisters to close her door (“now!”) as she comes up with a brilliant cover: "Nothing! I'm trying to find a new hairstyle for (Camelia).”

Trying to fix the chop job, Valentina looks on TikTok for bang cutting tutorials, wanting "If mom finds out, she's going to kill both of you."

That’s when 2-year old Magdalena walks in.

@palmview956oficial GURWM gone wrong.. Camelia cut her bangs Again 😡🤯 #parati #sisters #hermanas #gurwm #valentina #scissors #camelia #magdalena #bangs #fypシ #956 #palmview956 #viral #rgv #zamarripa #zamarripasisters #fail #gonewrong #letsgetto200k #rgv956 #rgvtx956 ♬ original sound - Palmview956Oficial2.0

“I'll give you a cookie!" Valentina says. (Of course this strategy works, and she is met with silence.)

Following what she found on TikTok, Magdalena twists Camelia’s bangs and gives them a quick snip. To her surprise, it actually worked.

"Wait, they're looking cute!" she says.

“I look like Taylor from ‘Summer I Turned Pretty!’” Camelia exclaims.

Remember me waxing poetic about how fiercely loyal sisters are? Well, as soon as mom walks in, the accusations about whose idea it was go flying.

The delightful clip ends with Camelia and Khaleesi being told to go show their dad, and Valentina saying “pray for them.”

Enthralled viewers couldn’t help but feel like they had just watched something akin to a “coming of age movie” and a “documentary about sisterhood.” One person even dubbed it the Latina version of “Little Women.” 100% accurate.

“This is THE sisters experience. In six minutes you captured the whole thing. Amazing, ”one person wrote.

Another noted how it particularly encapsulates the eldest sister experience, writing, “older sister fixing her hair, bringing the snitch and getting blamed for it at the end.”

In the end, it all worked out. Camelia shared in a follow-up video that her big picture day was a success, bangs and all, thanks to the help of her sisters. And we all got some grade-A entertainment.