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Pittsburgh news anchor rocks the status quo by wearing braids on air and fans are loving it

"Here’s a reminder to be the representation you wish to see (in any space)!"

Pittsburgh news anchor wears braids on air and fans cheer.

Believe it or not, there's still controversy over hair and how people with kinky hair types can wear their hair in professional settings. There are only 19 states that have passed the CROWN Act, which bars the discrimination of protective hairstyles worn by people that have kinky hair types. There continue to be instances where children have been unable to walk at graduation or attend school, and adults that have been fired for protective hairstyles that are often seen as unkempt or unprofessional.

The prevalence of discriminatory dress code policies that often include specific hairstyles means that for decades, in an effort to look "professional," women with kinky hair have used chemical straighteners, which have recently been linked to uterine cancer. While some still use straighteners, many simply hide their hair with wigs or weaves, and men may cut theirs off to find and maintain employment.

But this practice makes for a lack of representation in the workforce for diverse hairstyles in professional settings, and that's exactly why KDKA news anchor Royce Jones wore cornrows to work. KDKA is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, news affiliate for CBS News, where Jones is a reporter and evening anchor. He typically wears his hair loose and curly but recently got his hair braided and wore them on camera.

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