A beautiful owl perched on a tree branch.

A series of break-ins in an upscale neighborhood in Oak Bay, British Columbia, are not what they seem. On two separate occasions, homeowners thought they were the victims of home invasions when, in fact, they were being visited by a mischievous owl.

The first “break-in” happened Nov. 10 when police received a 911 call from a homeowner in distress. "Sure enough we found the perpetrator perched on a very expensive leather couch in the living room," Oak Bay Police Constable Steven Twardy told CTV News.

The officers were able to escort the owl out of the home after chasing it with brooms. The constable named the owl “Winky” because it tended to close one eye. It appears to have suffered some type of injury.

Three days later, a woman was checking in on her friend's home when she found it seemingly ransacked. "Pictures off the walls, vases on the floor and lamps and stuff," Tina Gaboury told CTV. However, it wasn’t a burglar but Winky the owl who had hit up another Oak Bay home.

"I was walking around thinking it was a home invasion, then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of an owl hanging on a chandelier in the living room," Gaboury said.

No one knows how Winky has been entering the homes though some believe the feathered felon may be getting in through the chimney. But the big question is, when will Winky strike next?

CTV has been on top of the story and posted this pun-tastic report.