menstrual cycles

Does anybody really love to get their period?

Periods have been giving people a run for their money since the beginning of time. It's a pretty safe bet that nobody likes them. If there was a way to replace them with a text message, email or post card that simply read, "not pregnant this month," people would happily sign up for that instead. There are so many better ways to deliver the message than debilitating cramps, irritability, headaches and the need for menstrual products.

Emily Vondy took to social media to show her attempt to psyche herself up for her period, and it's got people laughing. The woman appears to be standing in a mirror filming herself do a pep talk to prepare herself for her upcoming menstrual cycle. But it was honestly probably doing the opposite, though the song is clearly a bop.

"The average woman has about 450 periods in her lifetime, which adds up to ten years. Ten years of our lives will be spent menstruating and I don't want all those years to suck, so this is my attempt to gaslight myself into thinking my period is super cool," Vondy says to open the video.

Yikes! Ten years seems a bit excessive, mother nature, but that's the point of the tune Vondy starts rapping. Pointing out the reason people have periods and how cool our bodies are may make the cramps of a period not seem so bad. Again, not sure it will have the desired effect but commenters really felt her jam was on point.

"Are my kids of homeschooling age yet? No. Do I have a daughter? No. Will this song be apart of our homeschool science curriculum? Yes. Yes it will," one woman writes.

"Ohhhhhh my gosh!! No lie THIS.... This song should be reproduced and used in Health classes all around. It's VERY on point of what to expect or should expect and gives the needed encouragement. I'm going to save it for my now 4yr old daughter. It's fun," another says.

"Straight to the point NOT PERPENDICULAR this was the most valiant effort I can imagine for period hype. Go team," someone encourages.

There were puns made in the comments as well and a little confusion on her math with people wondering how periods only lasted 10 years of life. Vondy explained that she meant if you added up all the minutes a person was actively on their period then it adds up to 10 years. Either way, everyone seemed to agree the song was a banger and should be used in curriculum and available on iTunes.