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keanu reeves mother red carpet

via Rata-Pat-Pat / Twitter

Keanu Reeves has been winning hearts over the past few years for not acting like your typical Hollywood leading man.

The "Matrix" star made waves last year when he was spotted holding hands with artist Alexandra Grant, sparking rumors they were dating. Their relationship was a breath of fresh air for many because it's rare to see a leading man in Hollywood actually dating a woman his age.

At the time, the couple was caught canoodling, Reeves was 55 and Grant, 46.

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Reeves showed his nice guy side once again on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Instead of taking a date for a romantic night out, he chose his mother, costume designer 76-year-old Patricia Taylor as his arm candy.

Reeves was on hand to present the award for the best original screenplay with his "Something's Gotta Give" co-star Diane Keaton.

The sight of the "Point Break" star taking his mother for a night out sent hearts aflutter on social media, sparking another Keanu lovefest.