hack for threading needle

Turns out we've been threading needles all wrong

If you've ever taken a sewing class then you've probably had the pleasure of some older woman telling you to stick the loose end of the thread in your mouth as an easy way to thread it through the eye of a needle. Even with the soggy thread mending together the fibers at the end, you hands still shake and your eyes go crossed while you try to get it through the tiny hole.

But it turns out that there's a much easier way to thread a needle and it doesn't involve licking it. In fact there's more than one way to thread a needle that will save you a headache from trying to see where the thread is going. There's one particular technique that has people thinking there may be witchcraft involved, but it's just science.

In the method blowing everyone's minds, you simply lay the thread across your palm and rub the eye of the needle back and forth until a loop pops through the eye of the needle.

Then there's there's the toothbrush method. Yeah, that sounds weird and it probably wouldn't be advisable to use your daily toothbrush for this. This method appears to be super easy and you can visibly see how this works. To get this to work, get a clean toothbrush and lay it flat on its back with the bristles up, lay the strand of thread on top and then push the eye of the needle down over the thread. The tiny bristles simply push the thread through the eye.


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Apparently, you can also use a paper airplane to get the thread into the needle. It seems a little more time consuming than the other methods but also gets the job done. But there's also the tried and true method of simply using a needle threader which can be found near the thread and needles in craft and fabric stores.